Simplifying Complex Fractions

Simplifying Complex Fractions

I took a few minutes last week to make a video for anyone struggling or needing a refresher on simplifying complex fractions. Usually this is covered during the first few weeks of precalculus, but it will come up in Calculus and even College Algebra.

The key, as you’ll see, is to think of these complex fractions as the division of two fractions. Dividing two fractions, you say? That’s easy! We just flip and multiply.

Watch the video yourself, and share with a friend. We could all use some more simplicity (even if it’s complex fractions) in our lives.

-Katie, the online math tutor

Polynomial Division and Benefits of Online Tutoring

Polynomial Division and the Benefits of Online Tutoring

A precalculus student recently asked me if we could work on polynomial division.

“Of course!” I said. “Long division or synthetic division?”

She replied, “Oh, we’re learning the reverse tabular method. Can we do that?”

The reverse tabular method? I had never heard of this, but with a quick google search I learned a new method of dividing polynomials, which I want to share with you all today!

This is something I love about online tutoring. Access to the internet provides so many resources. These are helpful in many scenarios, and especially when students bring some of that “new math” that is being taught in schools today. I’m able to quickly see examples of what they are talking about and teach what they are learning in school.