Find an Online Tutor

How To Find an Online Tutor

So you’ve been convinced of the advantages of an online tutor? Now, how to find the best online tutor, one who your child will like, who will care about their success, and who is excellent at what they do? Whether you’re looking for an online math tutor, online reading tutor, or online biology tutor, read on!

Best Online Tutor Search FrustrationAsk Friends or Family

Often friends and family are the best sources for recommendations. As online tutoring becomes more and more popular, chances are someone in your social circles has found a tutor they’d love to recommend. Online tutors network and know other online tutors, so if you’re looking for a Spanish tutor, ask your niece’s online math tutor and you might be surprised to find her with a few recommendations. So, ask around! Maybe someone you know has a relationship with the best online tutor! Bring it up in a conversation at your hair salon, send an email, or post on Facebook.

Watch a YouTube Video

YouTube has become one of the best places for students to get help with their homework. (And for parents to learn how to help their child with homework!) You may be surprised that many of these videos are created by online tutors who are ready and would be thrilled to work with your child one-on-one. Search youtube for something that your child is having trouble with like “the scientific method,” “simplifying complex fractions,” or “consonant blends”. As an added bonus, you’ll get to see the tutor’s teaching style before you contact them.

Here’s an example of one of my videos on simplifying complex fractions.

Peruse listing sites like WyzAnt or Craigslist

Although there isn’t one ultimate site where all online tutors are listed, there are a few to check out. WyzAnt is the most well-known and has the greatest number of tutors. (Although it is less popular among many tutors, as the site takes a hefty chunk of commission from each lesson.) Other sites where you may find an online tutor are University Tutor or Tutorz.

No luck on those sites? Check out Craigslist! While there can be shady things going on, a lot of people are out trying to find clients for their services. Search under the “lessons” category, and only contact tutors that you feel safe with. Better yet, the tutor will provide a their website so you can learn more about them.

If you’re looking for a tutor immediately or think you’ll need one who is available on short notice, check out Chegg Tutors, and you can immediately be matched with a tutor.

Google it

When in doubt, google! Many online tutors have great content and will show up in your search results. You may even find public reviews on Google or Facebook. Search for “online math tutor” (or replace math with the subject you are seeking out). Big companies tend to take up the first spots of search results so if you don’t find what you’re looking for on page 1, don’t be afraid to check out pages 2 and 3. The best online tutor may be waiting for you in the middle of page 3.

Have you found the best online tutor for you yet?

I hope these strategies help you in your search! Finding an online tutor can be overwhelming or scary, and I commend you in your effort and commitment to your child. If you’re still looking and haven’t had any luck, comment below or send me a message and let me know what you’re looking for. I’m an online math tutor, but I have connections with tutors who do everything from elementary reading to college molecular biology. I’ll do my best to recommend a great match.

Online Math Tutoring: The Top 3 Sites

Online Math Tutoring: The Top 3 Sites

You’re struggling with your math homework and wondering, “Who can I find to help me?” You google online math tutoring and see so many options. How do you know which one to choose?


As an online math tutor, I know that I offer my students a top-notch service. I also know that working with a private tutor like me is not desirable or feasible for everyone. Maybe you don’t want to set up a scheduled time to work with a tutor, maybe the cost is prohibitive for you, or maybe you just need something more short-term. (Or maybe you’re asking, “Who can help me with my math homework RIGHT NOW?”)

Lucky for you, I have worked with hundreds of students on three of the most popular math tutoring sites, and I come to you today with my recommendations!

Before we get into the reviews, a quick note about the set-up of online math tutoring. Most online tutoring platforms use a shared online whiteboard along with text chat, audio, and/or video. Tutors and students can write on the shared whiteboard and often upload images.

Without further ado, the recommendations for online math tutoring:

Chegg Tutors

Chegg Tutors (formerly Instaedu) is a platform with many great tutors, most of whom are college students or recently graduated. Sessions can be as long or as short as you wish, and if you find a great tutor, you can develop a relationship with him or her and request them for tutoring in the future. You can also see student reviews of each tutor, which is helpful.

The platform includes an online whiteboard with text chat and optional audio and video. Although it is set up and usually used for short sessions, longer sessions do happen. I worked with one student on InstaEDU and helped her through her College Algebra class with sessions 1-3 times per week for the duration of the semester. Sometimes our sessions lasted over two hours!

The quality of tutoring can vary greatly amongst tutors, so don’t be put off if you have one bad session. There are, in fact, many reviews so it can be fairly easy to find a great tutor! Interested in Chegg? Check out this link to get your first 30 minutes free.


Yup (formerly MathCrunch) is great for students who have a quick homework problem. Using your mobile phone, you will instantly connect with a random tutor. You then upload a photo of your math problem and have a chat box to share with the tutor. The tutor might draw on a whiteboard or show you images to help with your understanding, and you’ll be able to take additional pictures of your work as you go. Unfortunately the student has no choice in who their tutor is, but Yup uses a high quality feedback process for their students, so if you have a bad experience, it will quickly be remedied.

Math Elf

MathElf is up and coming and focuses exclusively on online math tutoring. It instantly connects you to a random tutor, but you can also schedule sessions with tutors you have had in the past, making it the best of both worlds. You use a shared whiteboard and audio via your iPad, and they send you a free pen to use with your iPad! The tutors care greatly about the students and will work diligently to help you, often collaborating in Slack to do so. The commitment of these tutors and this organization is superb.

I would like to note that MathElf is a small start-up, so at odd hours (say, the middle of the night for US time zones) there may not be any tutors available. One other limitation is that at this time you must use an iPad for tutoring.



Ready to get Started?

Do you have just five minutes? That’s enough time to get set up with any of these online math tutoring platforms! Choose the one that sounds best to you, and get going. They all offer a free trial, and that math homework isn’t going to do itself!

If you are looking for a more personal relationship with your math tutor, I recommend finding a private math tutor. You can use a search engine to find a tutor or use a site such as WyzAnt, UniversityTutor, or NextGuru where tutors have profiles listed and, often, reviews. Find one that you are comfortable with and ask for a free trial session to begin with to make sure it will be a great fit for you.

Interested in hiring me as your online math tutor? Start your application today.