How does online tutoring work?

Students must have access to a computer and high-speed internet. During the session, the student and I will use Skype or Google Hangouts to hear and see each other, and an online whiteboard that we both can write on using a mouse or tablet. We can also upload any images or worksheets into the whiteboard. It’s surprisingly easy!

I recommend that students use a headset during tutoring. It will cut down on background noise and allow us to hear each other better. Any standard headset like this one will work. If you need a webcam, I've found this logitech webcam to work well for most computers.

I've found that most students prefer to write primarily on their own paper during our sessions. However, some students may prefer to write on the online whiteboard. To make this easier, I'd recommend using a tablet like this one.

When are you available for tutoring?

As of January 2018, I tutor Monday - Friday 11 am – 7 pm PST (that’s 1-9 pm CST and 2 – 10 pm EST). I have some weekend availability occasionally.

Do you tutor in person?

I do! I tutor students in person who are in North Portland either in a public place (library, coffee shop) or in the student's home. Learn more here.

If you're outside of North Portland and want to find an in-person tutor, I recommend WyzAnt, which is the most popular database of tutors. If you use this link (, you can sign up for a free account and get a $40 credit for your first session. (Ignore that my profile shows up, after you sign up you can search and find tutors in your area.)

What are your rates?

My rates reflect my experience and the quality of service you will receive.

  • For homework help:
    • 60 minute session – $60
    • 45 minute session – $45
    • 30 minute session - $30
  • For skillbuilding (45-minute sessions and includes individualized student workbooks mailed to you):
    • 2 times per week - $450/month
    • 3 times per week - $650/month

Can you help me prepare for the SAT/ACT/GRE?

I am no longer tutoring students to specifically prepare for standardized tests (except the GED). There are many excellent online tutors who specialize in these tests, and I am happy to give you a referral.

Skill Building

How does payment work?

You'll be billed monthly automatically on your debit or credit card via Square. We will set up this up beginning with the first session and pro-rate the first month. Each month after that you will automatically be charged on the card that you entered for the first month. If you know ahead of time that your child will miss more than one session that month we can pro-rate that month.

What about cancellations?

Aw, shucks! It happens sometimes though. It's in students' best interests to keep learning and attend our session even on traditional school breaks, so I don't provide a refund for any missed sessions. If however you know ahead of time that you'll be missing more than one session (due to vacation, holidays, or another reason), we can set up a pro-rated amount for the month. If there are emergency circumstances we can also work out an arrangement.

It's also helpful to keep in mind that the monthly rate is based on four weeks of sessions. So any month that has more than those four weeks of sessions (i.e. more than 8 sessions for 2x/week students and more than 12 sessions for 3x/week students), you are getting those additional sessions free!

What if my child is sick and needs to cancel?

The great thing about online tutoring is that many students can attend even when they are feeling a bit under the weather. Of course sometimes your child may miss a session due to illness. I can provide an additional assignment for the student during this time or we can just take a couple days off. Since the payment is at a monthly rate, I don't offer any refunds for missing a session due to illness unless it is extenuating and causes multiple absences. We'll pick back up where we left off when your child is feeling better!

It's also helpful to keep in mind that the monthly rate is based on four weeks of sessions. So any month that has more than those four weeks of sessions (i.e. more than 8 sessions for 2x/week students and more than 12 sessions for 3x/week students), you are getting those additional sessions free!

Can you help me with my school homework during sessions?

The intention for these sessions are for building skills, not completing homework. I've found it's best to separate these two areas as far as tutoring goes. Otherwise tutoring sessions can become focused only on homework and the student is not able to learn the fundamental skills that will help them excel in mathematics, not just survive. We'll have plenty of work to do in those Pre-algebra & Algebra areas that you need help in, and that's what these sessions are for. The good news is that as you learn more and more skills, your classwork will make so much more sense to you!

That said, these are your tutoring sessions, and if you occassionally need help with your homework, we can definitely spend some time working on it. If the focus of our sessions shifts to homework, we'll have a conversation about what types of sessions would be best going forward as homework help sessions may be a better fit.

Some students may desire a combination of skill-building and homework help. We can discuss this before we start tutoring and come up with a plan for tackling both of these desires. This may involve spending half of each session on homework or having an additional session each week to focus on homework.

I'm not in Pre-algebra or Algebra, but I need help with those subjects. Can I still do skillbuilding?

Absolutely! SkillBuilding is for anyone who wants to master the basics of Pre-algebra and/or Algebra. Maybe you...

  • - are homeschooled and learning Pre-algebra or Algebra
  • - are in a higher level math, like Algebra 2, and have found out you're missing some key Algebra skills
  • - are in Pre-algebra or Algebra and are struggling to learn what your teacher is teaching
  • - are excelling in middle school math and want a challenge
  • - did poorly in your Pre-algebra or Algebra class and want to succeed in future math classes
  • - are preparing for a test like the GED or GRE and need a refresher in the basics

Any of these are great reasons to do skillbuilding!

Homework Help

How often should my child have tutoring sessions?

Frequency of sessions depends on the student’s needs and goals. Most students schedule for one or two times weekly. If a student is motivated and needs the help, tremendous progress can be made with sessions three times per week. Sessions can also be scheduled on an as-needed basis, or if a regularly-scheduled student needs extra help one week (such as due to an upcoming test). An online scheduling system for these slots makes signing up simple and eliminates email/phone tag.

Can you help me in other subjects besides math?

I primarily tutor math (as you surely have deduced by now!). That said, I also am able to tutor beginning Spanish. (In college I spent summers in Guatemala and Ecuador on language immersion and took Spanish classes up to a 300-level.) So if you finished your math homework and have some Spanish 1 homework to work on, we can do that during our session!

I need extra help this week. Are you available? How do I sign up for a session?

Great question! I use an online scheduler that shows my availability. Click here! You can sign up for a session and it will take your payment via card at the time of scheduling. You can sign up with just a few hours notice or up to two weeks in advance.

Don't see a time that fits your schedule? Send me an email or text to see if I'm available.

What is your cancellation policy?

This business is my main source of income. That said, my cancellation policy is my very best attempt to balance fairness to the student and to myself. Additionally, tutoring is a valuable commitment, and showing up to each tutoring session helps the student create momentum in their learning.

  • - I ask that you let me know about a cancellation as soon as possible.
  • - I require a 48 hour notice for a cancellation in order to not be charged. Sessions canceled with less than 48 hours notice must be paid in full.
  • - Excessive cancellations may be reason for ending tutoring services.

**Skillbuilding students have a different cancellation policy.**

How does payment work?

For sessions that are scheduled as needed: payment is required by card at the time of scheduling. For regularly scheduled weekly sessions: Invoices are sent monthly via email and can be paid by card. Payment is due by the first session of each month. Any tutoring sessions missed in accordance with the cancellation policy will be refunded by pro-rating the following month, unless the student or parent requests otherwise.